Russian Wedding Bride Make-Up & Hairstyles


There has been a huge increase in marriages between Western men and Russian brides. This is probably because no man can resist the charms of a smart, beautiful and loving woman from Russia. If you’re looking for a Russian mail-order brides, dating websites are the perfect places to start your search online.

To help you enjoy a successful Russian marriage, we have some tips to help you understand your future Russian bride better.

About Russian Wedding

Marriage is a beautiful union of different two souls in a lovely holy matrimony, which bonds them together for a life time. Marriage is said to be one of the most joyous and special occasions that marks a new journey in a couples life. It’s supposedly a very important day for an Russian bride as she embarks a new journey of her life with a life time partner and mate. Each wedding ceremony exhibits the glamour and charm of the Russian wedding bride and all the functions related to the wedding are focused on Russian wedding bride. If the groom represents a perfect image of strength and masculinity then Russian wedding brides portray an image of glamour and magnificence.

The word Russian wedding bride connotes to a lovely charm by its own self. It has the power and ability of gripping people’s minds who probably haven’t witnessed Russian wedding brides before, in their complete glow. On the special day of her wedding, the aura of an Russian wedding bride is amplified not just by her attire and make-up but by her natural radiant beauty as well.

Russian wedding brides are the center of attention and attraction on the wedding day as well as all the preceding and post wedding ceremonies. Russian wedding brides are dressed as well as treated like royalty during the whole marriage process. Russian wedding brides, on a true note personify magnetism, glamour and splendor at its best.

Russian Wedding Brides Hairstyles

Choosing the right hairstyle for her wedding day is important for all Russian wedding brides. The hairstyle should be such which lasts over hours together and stays put as the events can run up to long hours. Whether you choose relaxed or formal, heavy or light, Russian wedding brides have many options to choose from for their hairstyle.

The Comfort Look: As the Russian weddings are events that last all day, Russian wedding brides can go in for a hairstyle which could be easily maintained the entire day. You can prevent tight hair styles which can cause headaches at times if worn over long hours.

Traditional: The traditional style for Russian wedding brides is to tie up their hair in a nice bun or something similar. This choice is very common and liked as it keeps the neck area free.

Classic but with a little Twist: A bun which is done on the low side is also a great contemporary twist when it comes to Russian wedding brides hairstyles. Braided hairdos and French knots are other great options as well.

Decoration: Flowers are the most common choice amongst Russian wedding brides for decorating or finishing their hairstyle. Some Russian wedding brides go for beads or sequins spread out throughout the hair and these are available in various colors corresponding to the wedding outfit.

Russian Wedding Brides Make-up

Every Russian wedding bride or for that matter every bride dreams of a grand wedding and wants to look special on her day. Russian wedding bride make-up is an essential part of the bridal dressing up. Although Russian wedding bride make-up comes out at its best in golden and red hues dominating, but in how, the make-up should not be completely over the top that it dominates over everything else, but it ought to enhance the glowing radiance of the Russian wedding bride naturally.

Generally a light make-up is used for ceremonies that precede the wedding event; however, the Russian wedding bride make-up is heavy and out of the crowd and is done keeping the wedding attire, jewelry, the face structure and the skin type in mind. The Russian wedding bride make-up is done that way to make sure the bride stands out of the crowd as she deserves all the focus and attention on her special day.

You can also take prior skin treatments for cleansing your skin and pores and for rejuvenating and revitalizing your cells, so that your skin looks flawless during the wedding day. Russian wedding brides should also keep a check on their diet a few weeks before the wedding and make sure they eat a lot of healthy food and drink a lot of water to keep the skin hydrated and glowing by the time the wedding day arrives.

Thus with the right attire, jewelry, make-up and care, the Russian wedding bride stands out as a perfect epitome of a wife, a daughter and a daughter-in-law and has the best time at being pampered and taken care of at her own special day!