The Skinny on Lash Extensions: Part 2

As promised, I wanted to deliver the final part to our discussion on lash extensions before any more time passed by. We have been having so much fun in the studio performing the service and are thrilled with how popular it has become amongst our clients! There has not been very much time for blogging lately so my apologies in advance! 
Just recently, one of our own received her very own lash extensions – and of course – I took pictures every step of the way! During the 2 hour duration, I wanted to capture the process to ease any uncertainty as well as broaden the awareness for our followers. Since most people are visual I figured this would be best! Enjoy and feel free to comment for any clarification :)

Laura – before
Laura – After

So as you can see – there is a noticeable difference after the extensions are put on correctly. (Keep in mind this is with a clean face – no makeup applied). After the service was completed I had asked Laura her thoughts on how it was overall.

Here are some valuable points she made:

1. Due to the fact that you are lying on a facial bed for 2 hours it is almost imperative that you bring ear phones and/or fall asleep to pass time. It is important that the lash extensionist focus on your eyes rather than conversation. 
2. Keeping her eye’s closed for 2 hours was challenging so make sure you are ok/aware of that ahead of time.
3. Comfort – we have you lie down on a white leather facial bed that has extra padding. We also supply a covering/blanket as well as pillows to prop feet & legs. If you are one of those people that cannot lay down flat for a long period of time – coming in for shorter intervals (2 half sets) may be a better option.
4. An discomfort? None whatsoever. She was aware of her responsibilities of maintaining closed eyes throughout the entire process. 
5. Result – very happy! She was amazed with the length and curl she achieved as well as a thicker appearance overall. She understood that there were areas (inner lashes) that were too fine to attach to an extension – nothing a little bit of mascara wouldn’t fix!
6. 3 weeks later – STILL LOVING HER LASHES!
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