The Skinny on Lash Extensions: Part 1

I first heard about lash extensions while attending IBS back in 2004. I remember how intrigued I was at the concept of it all and wondering if I would ever be able to offer the service to my clients. 

What was once a pipe dream years ago has finally become a reality! Larissa Lake Makeup Artist & Company are pleased to announce that we are finally NovaLash Certified! Stephanie, one of our head makeup artists, and I, attended an intensive workshop given by NovaLash’s CT, RI, and Puerto Rico Trainer this past Monday. With hours of lecture and hands-on training – we were taught the science behind the beauty as well as the technique itself.

The Professional Kit! Just arrived today!!!

NovaLash is unlike any other lash extension company – in that it’s award winning adhesive is the ONLY bonding agent that is water resistant AND oil resistant. Not to mention it is certified and physican-formulated to offer the utmost safety. Their adhesive is manufactured in a FDA registered facility in the US – something that is very uncommon with other companies. Their pharmaceutical-grade bonding agent is by far the best I have tested – and I have tested a handful! Xtreme and Evalash- just to mention a few are good in some aspects but overall I was most impressed with the NovaLash way!

While Xtreme is similar to NovaLash it is not oil resistant -something that is very important when discussing maintaining the lashes. Evalash offers a unique interlocking V technique that is much quicker in applying but their adhesive is sketchy and imported – not something I would recommend when applying it so close to the eye region.

Most reputable lash extension companies require a professional license as well as a certification that you successfully completed a workshop – EvaLash sold me their adhesive right on spot last year at IBS…hmmm…..stay tuned for more comparisons in Part 2.

Each lash extension is comprised of a synthetic polymer that is individually adhered to each lash- giving the most natural but glamorous appearance. They come in multiple lengths, thicknesses, and styles – a 10mm .2 being my favorite!

Again – we are thrilled to be Certified NovaLash Extensionists and cannot wait to start offering the service in our very own “Lash Room” – almost complete! Please visit our website or message us on our Facebook fan page: Larissa Lake Makeup Artist for more information. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog – more comparisons, before and after pictures, and some images of our “Lash Room” located at Studio 281 in Historic Old Wethersfield, CT.